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SIN 874-3: Survey Services

Heifetz, Halle Consulting Group (HHCG) provides the full range of qualitative survey services. Qualitative research can provide detailed, customized information in support of many leadership objectives. We have extensive experience applying these techniques in a wide variety of organizational settings - where improvements in management, organization and business are imperative. For example, qualitative research using face-to-face or phone interviews can greatly enhance the understanding of issues in process and productivity improvement analyses, organizational assessments and partnering processes.

Our technique of in-depth interviewing allows a better understanding of respondent's attitudes and opinions. This type of questioning often uncovers issues only hinted at or missed by quantitative or mail-in surveys. One of the great benefits of qualitative research is flexibility. We will pursue unanticipated, yet relevant subjects, beyond the discussion guide, if the need and opportunity arises. All of this will be done with the approval of the project managers.

Wide Range of Utility

Qualitative research is utilized in a wide range of situations, such as:

  • Customer, supplier or teammate satisfaction
  • Change effort readiness, mid-course correction
  • Pre- or post-merger issue identification
  • Leadership feedback and development opportunities
  • Employee attitudes
  • Cultural compatibility issues
  • Organizational diagnostics

Planning Survey Design:

HHCG helps managers define the types of information required to meet the needs of your project/goals. This process is iterative, ensuring early buy-in before data collection effort commences.

Define And Refine Questionnaires:

We work closely with our clients to understand your specific information needs and design questionnaires and interview guides to collect this information. These are tested and refined to ensure that key areas are covered in-depth.

Collection Methodology:

Several techniques are available to meet the needs of any project: confidential, non-attribution personal interviews, small group interviews (2-4 people) and focus group discussions (8-10 people). Depending on the needs of the project and budget, the interviews can be conducted in person or by phone. Focus groups are always done in person.

Experienced Interviewers:

HHCG's three Managing Directors are experienced in interviewing people from all walks of life and at all business levels: from housewives to CEOs, from four star generals to school kids, from school superintendents to school bus drivers, from Wall Street stock brokers to union officials, from Mayors to building managers.

Subject Area Expertise:

Our expertise lies primarily in the ability to elicit candid responses even on the most sensitive of issues ­ across any function and in any industry. Past projects, however, have also given us insights into specific industries and functional areas, including:

  • Defense and aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Energy/Environment
  • Social and Health Services
  • Government/Industry partnering
  • Telecommunications
  • Forest products
  • Pharmaceuticals; medical devices
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Investment banking; venture capital
  • Consumer products & marketing
  • Advertising testing
  • New product development
  • Technology commercialization

Analysis of Data:

Qualitative data is carefully analyzed to help uncover inherent strengths and weaknesses, lessons learned, challenges ahead, as well as other patterns. From this data, a specific path forward, recommendations, and strategies can be developed ranging from — planning a Partnering or Team Building Process — to developing a change management plan for the merger of several organizations.

Production of Reports:

Results will be described and summarized, including methodology and sample characteristics. Reports will include a discussion of recommendations, often a strategic approach, and key follow-up actions, including, if appropriate, a trade off analysis of various approaches. In person presentation of findings is usually done to enhance understanding and planning for a path forward.

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