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Threshold Institute

Threshold Institute is being established to assist people in their personal transformation efforts, using nature as a facilitative context. A core group of facilitators/sources will provide guidance for people who come to the Institute to work on their own development. The core group will be  supplemented by other facilitators and sources to provide fresh thinking and a wide variety of techniques. Threshold’s uniqueness lies in the living out of several guiding principles:

Threshold is driven primarily by the desire to understand self-realization and to share that understanding with others. Services are offered from the heart. Financial considerations are dealt with as a practical necessity, not as a motive for our work.

Conventional and unconventional approaches are utilized, on the assumption that there exist a variety of worthy roads to follow toward self-realization. An attempt is made to build bridges between these approaches in the service of our personal and collective self-realization goals. We strive for inclusion and interaction with a wide spectrum of people. Learning at Threshold is for everyone, not just for a small group of similar-minded people. We view ourselves as part of the large community of humanity – as part of the brotherhood of mankind, and endeavor to act that way.

Not only is a diversity of approaches and opinions embraced, but we plan to bring in strong advocates for differing viewpoints to share, debate, test and further develop their own ideas. It is hoped that such interaction will stimulate the creative process and lead to insights for all involved. Beyond the stimulation of creative thought, everyone involved will likely have experiences providing opportunities for self-development.

Disciplined thought and research is encouraged. Hand and hand with experimentation and research, is the sharing of findings, insights, new concepts, conceptual models, tools and techniques through publications, the internet, and other mainstream means of information dissemination. The purpose behind this effort is to benefit people everywhere in their personal transformation efforts.

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