Heifetz Halle Consulting Group



BG Ed HARRINGTON - Director, Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

“A Heifetz, Halle customer becomes passionate and committed to change. Through a mentoring process, leaders are given change management tools to start and sustain organizational and personal change as a culture, not just a one-time activity. As part of a team-based paradigm shift process, HHCG required our Senior Leadership Team to specify and confront ‘What does failure look like?’ The personal, gut level, revelation from this exercise is what started the transformation of DCMA. HHCG's most important contribution to our transformation underscores their unique approach to change: causing Leadership to realize it must be aligned, take the reins, and demonstrate both a lasting commitment and passion for change. HHCG shared the ideals and concepts of change, helped DCMA's leadership find the inner ability to withstand active and passive resistance, and helped us sustain the change effort through all its stages. HHCG also enabled our Senior Leaders to guide our Agency, find new ways to address growing customer needs, empower it's people to excel — all while enduring a continued reduction in resources.”

Tom Rabaut- CEO United Defense, L.P.

“HHCG has been at our side through eight years of turbulent change. They have provided exceptional advice addressing customer relations, career development and team building. Unlike most consulting firms, they are objective, relevant, hardworking and wise.”

Paul Diamond- Director of Engineering Hughes Missile Systems Company

"Your knowledge of the aerospace business and specifically what makes an engineer tick, was invaluable in identifying root causes and developing effective solutions in dealing with a significant attrition problem."

COL Don Schenk- TACOM Program Manager, Combat Mobility Systems

"Partnering has broken down communication barriers and streamlined problem resolution. It has allowed all parties to have a common understanding of goals, objectives, responsibilities, and expectations, and has made program (rather than individual) success the measure of performance. HHCG is competent and professional, non-judgmental and intuitive. They made it their goal to make the team a winner, not a whiner. Heifetz, Halle was sincere in making the partnership work; focus was team performance, not HHCG's bottom line."

Pete Woglom- General Manager, Ground Systems Division, United Defense, L.P.

"Both our Government Customer and Contractor PM's on HERCULES have stated that the partnership has significantly improved working relationships and team effectiveness."

Kim Myers- General Manager Manufacturing Universal Avionics Systems Corporation(UASC)

"UASC experienced explosive growth in a very short time which resulted in the need to build a new manufacturing facility. While welcome, this growth generated change of the greatest magnitude. For economic reasons, the new manufacturing operation was located approximately fourteen-hundred miles from the current operation. Heifetz, Halle Consulting Group (HHCG) played a key role in helping develop the transition plan to facilitate this major change. Further, HHCG, played a partnership role in developing the hiring criteria and participated in the hiring process for staffing the new organization. The end result has been a management team that is lean and highly effective. I am happy to report that the new facility was up and in full production in a minimum of time. The group at HHCG know people, know the dynamics of change, and are able to assist an organization in the most effective way to manage change."

Carroll Gagnon- PM Paladin & FAASV Programs

"Without partnering, the Paladin program would not have remained two months ahead of schedule and within cost for the last five years!! You helped us focus on the problems that had to be solved to make the Paladin Enterprise work. The technique of interviewing all stakeholders and attendees ahead of time and finding out the burning issues of each contributed to the success of the teaming approach."

Peter Scott- General Manager, Paladin Production Division, United Defense, L.P.

"HHCG's team building was the key to our success. Partnering among customers and suppliers enabled us to achieve high performance — all systems delivered "unconditionally", (i.e., without quality problems requiring later correction). No other Army program can make this twofold claim. HHCG has a unique approach to team building. Not the typical "touchy-feely" stuff. Rather they get the group to work on real mutual problems and at the end a team has bonded."

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