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HHCG Clients/Experience

HHCG’s U.S. & State Government Experience

Defense Contract Management Agency: Conducted an in-depth 360-degree Assessment of the organization as well as the top 22 members of their Senior Leadership Team. Effort included interviews of a wide range of customers throughout DOD and NASA, and a cross-section of DCMA’s workforce; team building, coaching, change management planning and implementation assistance.

Program Executive Office-Ground Combat and Support Services: Designed and conducted an in-depth organizational assessment and cultural compatibility study. Applied change management perspective/tools to assist in a complex merger.

U.S. Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command: Designed a survey of key customers and co-workers, analyzed data to help Board of Directors shift their strategic focus and plan a path forward.

U.S. Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command: Conducted an in-depth organizational assessment; helped develop a more effective organization (structure, interfaces, and multi-site/multi-functional culture); assisted in implementation.

Army & FMS Programs: Designed and executed in-depth surveys for situational analysis, designing & facilitated dozens of Partnering Workshops; helped create strategies for success, communications protocols, issue escalation procedures, operating principles, and a clear path forward.

Paladin/FAASV Program Office, U.S. Army & Paladin Production Division: Designed and facilitated a two-day workshop to bring together multiple DoD agencies, advisors & contractors, explored the notion of a M109 Fleet Management Pilot, and help build preliminary alignment & support.

Bradley Program Office (U.S. Army): Conducted a survey of their Prime Contractor and presented feedback on how the Bradley Program Office was doing as a customer; included suggestions for internal process improvements.

Residential Care Services, Div. of the WA State Dept. of Social and Health: Facilitated a ’visioning process’ for the Management Team, on-going strategic planning sessions and work with middle managers to resolve concerns and questions

HHCG’s Industry Experience (often with U.S. Government counterparts)

United Defense, LP Naval Ordinance Station Louisville (NOSL): Designed & conducted a survey of key U.S. Navy customers to identify specific areas of strengths and weaknesses at NOSL. Suggestions were made to management on steps to alleviate customer concerns and identify strategies for improving performance.

Paladin Production Division (UDLP): helped developed a ’five-party’ partnering agreement; facilitated multiple Partnering sessions, Paladin was awarded ’Program Manager of the Year’ due to the innovative nature of their partnering efforts.

Hughes Missile Systems Company: Helped the Leadership Council and the Engineering Leadership Team better understand how comprehensive change is lead and managed; helped teams build alignment across multiple organizations and cultures.

Crusader Program, United Defense: Lead the Advisory Integrated Product Team; helped build better working relationships among principal parties (USG & Industry) at the executive, program & working levels; implemented IPPD program-wide.

United Defense, LP, Ground Systems Division (GSD): Designed and conducted a survey of key U.S. Army customers to identify needs, expectations, and key priorities as well as customer perceptions of GSD’s strengths and weaknesses. This data was used to identify potential strategies for GSD Army Program success in the future.

FMC Ground Systems Division: Designed and lead two successive offsites; provided follow-up support on key initiatives to: establish the Leadership Board; improve ECPs; and improve the Bids & Proposal and Contract Closeout processes.

FMC Food Processing Systems Division: Designed & conducted process review & training (skill building in Change Management tools); helped reinforce new culture where change had become a ’way of life’.

Weyerhaeuser Technology Center (Federal Way, WA): Developed and conducted a 5 1/2-day training package on "Business Development, Principals & Applications", in response to a corporate mandate to commercialize or spin-off their substantial investment in new process and product technology; eight separate teams took the course focusing on business strategy, planning and on-the-issue training

Weyerhaeuser Solid Waste Management: Provided advisory and planning for the startup of a series of solid waste disposal facilities serving both local/regional communities & industry.

Universal Avionics Systems Corp.: Designed and conducted a four-day workshop with Management on how to create a new culture and plan/manage all the changes required in starting a new division; ongoing project with several more sessions planned to provide more equipping in Change Management skills

Grays Harbor County Youth Coalition: Designed and conducted a survey of community leaders on existing services and current needs to determine direction for a youth services planning commission. Used Change Management techniques to help the steering committee determine strategies and develop a facility for homeless teens.

Experience of HHCG’s Individual Managing Directors

Schneider National: Designed and conducted organization assessments and redesign of seven acquired trucking companies,redefined department functions, roles, procedures and accountabilities; helped shift to a matrix structure; implemented one of the industry’s first use of performance-based compensation - gain sharing.

Pacific Bell/Pacific Telesis: Helped shift from monopoly/reactive to a competitive/ proactive culture; streamlined maintenance & service from standard operating procedures to a greater focused on problem solving, empowerment & training.

Energy Office, Washington State: Designed and facilitated the qualitative research for a 2- year telecommuting demonstration; explored environmental, organizational, and personal aspects at 25 public and private organizations in western Washington.

ARC Research, New York: Designed, managed and facilitated qualitative research projects for accounts including the U.S. National Park System, General Motors, Children’s Television Workshop, Chubb, and Liz Claiborne.

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