Heifetz Halle Consulting Group



Ref: MOBIS-Section: L-FSS-10FT-501 PRICE PROPOSAL (Revised 2001-05-10)



HHCG has only one labor category called Principal Consultant (also called Managing Director). Thus all SINs (except 874-4) are priced the same way. Our rates, effective 2006/02/27, are $290.47 per hour and $2,323,76 per day. These rates include the Industrial Funding Fee of 0.75%.

As required, SIN 874-4 pricing is proposed on a cost-per-participant and cost-per-course basis, using our hourly and daily rates to build up HHCG’s cost estimates (individually by course offered).

Reasonableness of HHCG Pricing:

All of HHCG’s pricing is based on our current hourly and daily rates, effective since 2006/02/27. These rates are the same we charge all clients -- Government (Federal, State and Local) as well as Commercial/Industry. As a very small business (3 owners/partners; no employees), we do not use a formula to build up our rates (e.g., Hourly Wage + Overhead + G&A). Instead we go by the best information we have available regarding what our competition is charging. Most of our direct competitors are private companies and are not readily forthcoming with their rates. Our up-to-date market analysis comes from Alden Cushman, Director of Research at Kennedy Information Research Group — a research provider to the Consulting Industry & Executive Recruiting Industry. (Note: this report can be purchased directly from their WebSite: http://www.kennedyinfo.com/mc/krgfeespr.html )

Another way we validate the reasonableness of our rates is via the many U. S. Government and State Government (Washington) projects that HHCG has been contracted to work on. All of our work proposed and awarded since 2006/02/27 whether FFP (firm fixed price), time and materials, level of effort (cost-based), competed or sole source, has been based on these same rates.

Descriptions of the Labor Categories Offered:

As noted above, HHCG has only three owners, called Managing Directors. We each have extensive consulting experience operating at all levels, from Boards of Directors on Fortune 500 firms to executives of all types (CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CFOs, EVPs, etc.) to operating managers to blue collar workers, bench scientists, etc. We have over 80 cumulative years of experience in management consulting and related fields. We would be pleased to provide any further information re: our backgrounds, bios, etc.,

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