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Change Management

Heifetz, Halle Consulting Group, L.L.C. (HHCG) has developed a comprehensive change management technology for organizations that intend to thrive in the midst of rapidly changing conditions. Central to our philosophy is the integration of business and human factors. Both must be aligned to allow the substantial culture shifts that are the framework of any successful change effort.

The following chart is an overview of change management tools/processes, and the particular stage of a change effort that they are utilized in:

Tools/ProcessesDiagnosticPlanningImplementationCourse Correction
1. Cultural Compatibility Assessment••
2. Force Field Analysis•••
3. Change Formula Test••
4. Balanced Systems Model••
5. Change Cycle© (Master Plan)•••
6. Contingencies/Risk Mitigation/What If’s?•••
7. Change Management Training/Coaching•••
8. Communications/Managing Expectations•••
9. Building Commitment & Ownership•••
10. Pre & Post-Acquisition Preparations•••
11. Vision Building & Translation to Action•••
12. Overcoming Resistance to Change••
13. Critical Incident Analysis/Intervention••
14. Metrics, Tracking & Early Warning Signs••

1a. Change Management: Assessment/Diagnosis Organization Systems Study

An HHCG Organization Systems Study diagnoses the overall strategic health of an organization. We analyze your business results, related industry data, internal processes, cultural and leadership factors, in conjunction with in-depth interviews and focus groups (where appropriate). We then determine strategic and functional strengths and weaknesses, and recommend systemic solutions to significant issues.

Your organization would be examined using the most appropriate combination of the following tools:

  • Open Systems Planning Model
  • The Change Formula
  • Walton Organizational Audit
  • System Balance-Six Key Factors
  • Cultural Compatibility Assessment
  • Key Factor Force Field Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Mind Mapping Analysis
  • Corporate Culture Diagnostics
  • Organizational Profiling
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage Analysis

1b. Change Management: Planning

Planning assistance can take several forms. In addition to hands on consulting for strategic and change effort planning, comprehensive training packages are available to help build critical leadership and change management skills. Training packages are customized to suit your unique needs:

Change Cycle© Management Training

These workshops train managers how to use all the fundamental skills and technology necessary to manage significant change. A case study approach is used, supplemented by numerous real life examples. Wherever possible, these ideas are applied directly to the planning and implementation of your specific change effort. This "on the issue" training approach allows for greater learning and immediate utility. Topics include:

  • Key factors for successful change
  • Common pitfalls and solutions
  • What to expect as the change process unfolds
  • Use of the Change Cycle© as a road map and planning tool for managing the entire change process
  • The Change Formula
  • The role of leaders
  • Key Factor Force Field Analysis and strategies
  • Development and dissemination of a compelling Vision
  • Translating the Vision into action, redefined roles and functions
  • Commitment-building techniques
  • How to deal with political opposition and other resistance to change
  • The effective use of measurement and feedback systems during the change effort
  • Tools and techniques specifically tailored for your situation

1c. Change Management: Implementation and Course Correction

Implementation Consulting

HHCG offers real-time consulting assistance including:

  • Ongoing problem diagnosis and resolution assistance
  • Monitoring progress and early identification of barriers
  • Change Effort "War Room"
  • Project team facilitation
  • Setup of Communications and Performance Feedback systems for the change effort
  • Integration of Role and Functional changes into the work system
  • Critical Incident Analysis and Intervention
  • Leadership coaching
  • Contingency planning, risk mitigation strategies
  • Communications strategies, managing expectations

Other Implementation Services

  • Speeches to inform and motivate teams who are about to launch a major change effort
  • Paradigm Shift Workshops to provide a valuable kick-start for cultural transformation efforts
  • Building an Innovative Organization - training to identify and implement the attitudes, structures and systems needed for continuous improvement and creative growth.
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