Heifetz Halle Consulting Group


Strategic Planning

HHCG offers a full spectrum of Strategic Planning Services:

  • Creating a Strategic Plan from scratch (as a deliverable)
  • Leading a highly interactive Strategic Planning Process with the tools and discipline relevant for your specific situation
  • Facilitating parts or all of a Client-based Strategic Planning Process

While the choice is yours, factors to consider include: timing, desired depth, ready-access to environmental & customer needs assessment data, degree of ownership needed, and robustness of follow-up activities planned.

From our extensive experience across many industries and sectors, HHCG believes that the keys to successful Strategic Planning Process must encompass:

  • Developing a compelling Vision
  • Aligning Leadership and internal bell-weathers to be committed and passionate about the Vision
  • Translating that Vision into action
  • Rolling out the Vision & Plan in an interactive way that builds a broad base of workforce commitment

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