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Organizational Effectiveness

An organization is a collection of individuals that operate as a systemic, functional whole. Many factors must be considered in light of it’s desired products and results: interdependent systems, internal process, values, attitudes, talents and capabilities. The organization must also be examined within the context of it’s market, it’s competitive environment, industry, and the economy as a whole. In order to determine the strategic health of the organization, it’s longer term viability must be considered. We use the best diagnostic models, tools and methods that we have found. Where an appropriate analytic tool or technique does not exist, we develop one. Our approach takes us deep into the heart of the organization - we follow the trail until root causes and real solutions are found.

Some of the organizational effectiveness models and techniques we use are described on the web site. Some are widely known - such as the Open Systems Planning Model, the Change Formula, Force Field Analysis. Some of the most useful tools are not as yet widely known or understood - such as the Balanced System Model (described briefly here), or Paradigm Shift Workshops. If you are interested in learning more about the various tools mentioned throughout the web site, just let us know and we can include a more detailed explanation in the monthly feature section.

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