Heifetz Halle Consulting Group


Impact of New Technology

Tech Transfer & Tech Commercialization

Technology Transfer and Technology Commercialization are areas that can present real hurdles for many companies. We have developed a variety of training sessions designed to assist companies deal with the opportunities and challenges of new technology.

For example, one client had invested a great deal of time, money and effort into developing technologically advanced uses of wood fiber. They owned many new patents, and had developed some remarkable prototypes. But very few new products ever reached the market. A series of five one-day workshops and between-session work was designed to train the scientists and engineers in Technology Commercialization. They became more business and market oriented. They began focusing on new product development, became conversant with business strategy and learned to write business plans. Within a year, several commercially viable products emerged. Other teams formed strategic alliances to launch new businesses based on their products and technology.

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