Heifetz Halle Consulting Group


Market Research

Heifetz, Halle Consulting Group offers comprehensive marketing and qualitative research services for business and government. Our principals offer a wide experience base in consumer and industrial marketing, public and private sectors, as well as government policy issues.

Qualitative research services

  • Qualitative research: project planning; field oversight; analysis; report
  • Focus groups: discussion guides; moderation
  • Individual interviews: in-person; by telephone
  • Experience doing qualitative research with people at all levels: from housewives to CEOs, from four star generals to school kids, from school superintendents to school bus drivers, from Wall Street stock brokers to union officials, from Mayors to building managers.

Marketing services

  • Market strategy development
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) analysis
  • Product positioning
  • Corporate image building

Subject area expertise

  • Consumer marketing
  • Advertising testing
  • New product development
  • Pharmaceutical/Health Care
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Energy/Environment
  • Defense
  • Telecommunications
  • Forest Products

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