Heifetz Halle Consulting Group


Customer/Supplier Satisfaction

HHCG recommends customer or supplier satisfaction research as a critical component of assessing your organization’s performance. Each study is custom designed to get our clients the information they need - for example: current product performance, new product ideas, information for future strategies and positioning. Central to this research is the discovery of what is going well, and what is not in your customer relationships.

Customer or supplier satisfaction studies are designed to yield results that are detailed and actionable not generic. Key to HHCG’s process are one-on-one confidential interviews (by phone or in person) with decision makers, or key influencer’s of decision makers. Focus groups are also used when appropriate. HHCG stresses qualitative techniques to allow probing in depth to understand customer’s attitudes. Data gathered in this manner will have a richness that goes beyond most information collected through quantitative instruments alone. Direct quotes, and maps of attitude and belief patterns can offer a detailed understanding of the customer’s perspective. This qualitative information is often compelling enough to stimulate needed follow up actions. All interviewing is done by HHCG principals.

Quantitative survey research techniques can be used in combination with the qualitative research to paint a larger picture. Qualitative analysis indicates directions to pursue; quantitative surveys offer valid and reliable testing of hypotheses on a broader scale.

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